Here is the code for command button: Private Sub Command1_Click () SetCon sql="select * from tblUsers where Username='" + Text1.Text + '" and Password='" + Text2.Text + "'" SetRs If rs.RecordCount > 0 Then Unload Me Else MsgBox"ERROR",vbCritical End If Happy coding. programatically. Pretty neat, right? With that said, you can still use tag name selectors. Just do something that helps you get better at HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But, instead of making it general and writing ::placeholder {...}, we specify that we only want to change the placeholders of elements that have the class .login-form-field as such: .login-form-field::placeholder {...}. Whenever the user clicks the login button we retrieve whatever values have been typed in the form fields. Also, note the placeholder attribute. Let’s make that condition the actual validation of the credentials. Sample HTML coding page for Guest-login-username-password. PHP - MySQL Login - This tutorial demonstrates how to create a login page with MySQL Data base. Since we want both fields (username and password) to look the same, we create a single ruleset which selects the class given to both elements, login-form-field. We can take advantage of the JavaScript syntax to select a field of the loginForm form as formElement.nameOfField, where formElement is your HTML
andnameOfField is the value given to the name attribute of the element you’re looking for. Due note that there’s a defer attribute in the