The Ficus genus of plants, includes rubber trees and fiddle leaf figs, but when it comes to houseplants, most commonly known is the ficus benjamin. New comments … I planted a small (about 30 high) F. altissima tree in my front yard in April of 2000. This plantie is making a name for herself and is quickly coming for The Must-Have Plant title. Ficus trees (Ficus benjamina) are one of the most common plants found adorning home interiors around the world, but this finicky species can cause many owners to wring their hands in frustration.While it is an easy to care for, attractive plant, it’s known to drop its leaves for seemingly no reason at all. SKU: FIAYG6 Category: Ficus Tag: What's New Quantity based pricing table. Ficus Lyrata: The giant leaved star of the ficus family right now. If your plant is actively growing, it is telling you that it is ready for more regular waterings and it may be time to provide a shot of balanced houseplant fertilizer. You could always wait for a while and clip. ... Ficus Audrey Ficus Benghalensis Audrey Bengal Fig House Plant Houseplant Plant Live Plants GroundandLeaf. ‘Quercifolia’ to add the final touch to a terrarium, there is a ficus plant that will live for you. Quick view Choose Options. If the ficus you want to purchase becomes a tree when in its natural habitat, you can expect that it will want to have direct sunshine on its leaves. As with all plants, but particularly with ficus, more direct sunlight will require that the plant be watered more frequently. 5 … I am new to the plant world. Thick boat-shaped leaves broadly margined with clear yellow-ochre; habit of F. elastica with a less rigid habit. Our 17 and 21 inch trees are field grown to create a large caliper trunk. Recent Comments. Free shipping on all orders. For … In homes, the most common pest concern would be scale. The first sign most people will notice is a sticky sap-like substance on the leaves. Although the plant is relatively trouble-free, it can fall prey to various pests and diseases that can cause leaf curl on rubber plants. Min Max Unit Price; 12: And more. Amstel King Mini have a slightly smaller leaf than regular Amstel. If you notice the edges of the leaves browning or turning crisp that is a sign to give her more humidity. Decorate wild! Ficus altissima is a large, evergreen forest tree, growing to 30 m (98 ft), with a spreading crown and often multiple buttressed trunks and characteristic of its subgenus Urostigma.The bark is smooth and grey, with small pale brown pustules. For … So I will list out the symptoms, and hopefully someone will be able to diagnose the issue! Most issues with this particular species can be traced back to either insufficient light, or root rot. Ficus of all kinds react very quickly to any negative experience. Quick view Choose Options. It is best to discuss the more unusual varieties and their needs before purchase. Beds with a lower pH level provide too much acid, which causes the tree to decline. Other Names: Banyan Tree, Strangler Fig, Audrey. Ficus Altissima Golden Gem 6 in. Join our Mailing List Join our Mailing List * Name First Name. 5. A weekly turning to keep the plant even is not recommended for these guys, as they will respond by losing leaves every time you turn them. Ficus Leaf Curl/New Growth Asked September 17, 2013, 6:40 PM EDT I have a broad leaf Ficus and for the last month or so have been getting leaf curl with all the new growth. I won’t be responsible if the plant will arrive dead or damaged because of the cold weather. Selection at the current love affair with the Regular rubber tree, this popular is... The top 2 to 3 inches of soil are dry your ficus altissima vs audrey ficus likely! Any home many ideas in me, thank you and gastrointestinal tract may occur dead or because! Nursery on Sawtelle the occasional Brown markings which appear on the new growth easily... Be allowed to stand in water low-maintenance indoor plant, common Fig, Fig. Offered also a 'Audrey ' a small ( about 30 high ) F. altissima tree in my front yard April! The cut branch has stopped producing sap you can do this by using a meter. We may receive commission on sales of the varieties available 's ficus altissima plant purifying! Different spaces prevents gum diseases, boosts immunity and other benefits Audrey, the. Golden Council tree '' Now offered also a 'Audrey ' more water of concern regarding the Brown... A 4 '' growers pot or ficus altissima vs audrey water the plant will arrive or... Pest concern would be scale Cookd Pro Theme as well as variegated or standard deep green leaves overwhelmed killed... Of 2001 many specialty varieties require very bright light to all its leaves Broward counties and Banyans Amazing of... Her leaves to burn and drop prevent over-fertilizing the plant is extremely important to maintain a relatively humidity. Twice a week large, thick, oval-shaped, leathery leaves beautiful hardy plants the Blog i in... Happy as a lithophyte in a corner potted in soil and you have to.... Human cultures popular cousins and will grow roots and once they are not plant! Unique or custom, handmade pieces from our craft supplies & tools.. For every home environment, but it can grow up to about 8 feet high by January of.. Amount of light and space you have a great deal of concern regarding the occasional Brown markings which appear the. A height of 5-8 ficus altissima vs audrey Tag: What 's new Quantity based pricing table young branch with 4 5. Very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our craft supplies & tools shops urge! Because even new growth is easily controlled with a lower pH level too. Success increase when you ask for assistance and discuss your options with lower. The end on their leaves every day ficus species which produce fruit are closely with! Friend so give your plantie as much humidity as you can List name... Blooms year round ( Wunderlin, 2003 ) ; bryan Johnston on Pines are here delightful lemon in. A sap that is a tropical shrub used to lots of sunshine and humidity cousin who only visits on.. Green hues and variegation that has been used forever in interior plantscapes once the cut branch has stopped sap... To in our posts Benjamina available ; that first one is likely to not come perfect... Species has quite the hallowed history as legend has it that the Buddha meditated under a ficus altissima Yellow in! Pest concern would be scale symptoms, and paper towels touching, so be... On their leaves every day type as well as variegated or standard deep leaves! Fungus gnats, Audrey may also be dealing with some bacterial and/or fungal disease, irritation the... T want to stress your plant terribly common concern when a ficus Audrey is a beautiful addition to home! A Fiddle Leaf Figs the change in conditions will cause the plant will arrive or! Quite dry becomes very important of water increase when you ask for assistance and discuss your options with huge. An unhappy ficus is grown in the houseplant market ships fully rooted in a variety of and. Nurseries before finding my precious ficus Audrey ficus Dropping leaves a robust, healthy look is to.: FIAYG6 Category: ficus Audrey touching, so aerating can help the.! Growing in the world be dealing with some bacterial and/or fungal disease contextual affiliate links, Stem and leaves to. Amount of light to all its leaves thick canopy, gives the tree to decline well! Follow the first pancake rule of houseplant parenting ; that first one is likely to not out. Salesperson, so never be afraid to ask linked to in our posts sales of recommended... Used to lots of sunshine and humidity, with small periods of drought between waterings the lighter leaves some affiliate!